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Cold Plunge Tub Portable Water Chiller Compatible Ice Tub for Recovery

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  • XL Size with Ease: Measuring 53" L x 34.6" W x 26" H, the cold plunge tub is 5X larger than an entry level cylindrical ice bath tub, plenty big enough to accommodate adults as tall as 6-foot-9. You can fully stretch out your legs, comfortably immerse your entire body, ensuring a thorough and effective cooling experience

  • Multi Usage: Ice tub is compatible with a water chiller, you can use it with ice, or use with a water chiller. There are plugs for water in and water out to seamlessly connect to a water cooler. Now you can do your ice baths in own home without spilling bags of ice everywhere

Durable and Long-lasting: Cold tub made of 5cm thickness fiberglass and skin-friendly PVC, durable to withstand daily use; insulation keeps the water icy cold for extended periods, enhancing every post-training plunge a refreshing one

  • Easy to Set Up and Deflate: Inflatable ice tub for cold plunge comes with pump and instruction, you can set is up in less than 6 minutes, deflate in less than 3 minutes
  • Portable Cold Bath Plunge Tub: The portability of the ice bath, allowing you to set it up at home or take it to training camps, making it a convenient and versatile tool in your recovery plan
  • When use with a water chiller, it can cool water down to 36 degree F, heat water up to 105 degree F
  • Cold plunge tub comes with lid, so you don’t have to dump the water and refill it every single time. Lid helps keep the water cold and clean between uses

  • WHAT YOU GET: Ice Bath Tub*1, Tub Lid*1, Hand Pump*1, Repair Kit*1, Storage Bag*1, User Manual*1.