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Inflatable Igloo Dome Tent with Blower and Remote Controller for Club Wedding Party

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Inflatable Igloo Dome Tent

  • It's perfect for any indoor&outdoor events including product launches, corporate events, exhibitions, wedding and family and so on.
  • Quick and easy to inflate and deflate, headline-grabbing, taking your event from the ordinary to the outstanding.
  • RGB strip lights will make tent looks more stunning during at night.


How to Install---Please check before installation whether all parts(tent with strip lights inside, remote controller, power adapter, power cable cord, air blower, ropes, sandbags-are included.


  • Step 1: Place and spread the tent onto a flat surface. Make sure that the top faces upwards and the zippers on the lower bottom.

  • Step 2: Find the lights controller from tent bottom zipper mouth. Connect lights controller and power adapter.
  • Step 3:Take out air blower, find air tube on tent, tighten air blower and air pipe with ropes.
  • Step 4: Close all zipper on the bottom of the tent.
  • Step 5: When everything ready, Plug in electricity(lights power and air blower power) turn on air blower. You’ll see a great dome tent after few minutes.
  • Step 6: Use remote controller(customer need install 2pcs AAA batteries-Not include)-17 lights color can be changed.
  • Step 7: If you want use tent in outdoor, please arrange a mat lay it out on it before blowing up, and use ropes and sandbags(need load sands inside) to secure tent to the ground.


ATTENTION: Pls keep the led lights and blower away from water, Pls keep tent far away from anything sharp. Pls do not use it at heavy rainy day. Pls do not use the corrosive detergent clear the tent. Pls make sure tent is dry before ready to store.

Small hole repair: Sew and stitching the patch with needle and thread(needle and thread not include in package).



Spacious Dimensions

with 1 door


  • External Size: 16.4x9.84 ft (Diameter*Height)
  • Internal Size: 14.24x8.76 ft (Diameter*Height)
  • Door's Inner Size: 3.28x5.91 ft (Width*Height)
  • Door's Outer Size: 5.45x6.99 ft (Width*Height)



with 2 opposite doors


  • External Size: 19.7x16.4x10.5 ft (Length*Width*Height)
  • Internal Size: 14.24x9.35 ft (Diameter*Height)
  • Doors' Inner Size: 2.13 x 6.23 ft (Width*Height)
  • Doors' Outer Size: 3.77 x 61.78 ft (Width*Height)