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Makeup Brush Set

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Luxury champagne Make up Brush is a set of 10 is exemplary for achieving flawless and professional makeup looks. From blush brushes to foundation brushes you’ll find all you need in this diverse set. Ideal for both beginners and professionals. Bristles are made from soft fibers that will not irritate your skin. Neither do they fall out during makeup. Brushes will evenly distribute the product and can be used for cream, liquid, or powder makeup.

This a variety of foundation brush is great for everyday makeup. With this real makeup artist brush, your imperfections will disappear and you will be left with an airbrushed finish. It comes with high-quality synthetic bristles and a wooden handle. Use this makeup brush as a powder or stippling brush to apply powder, cream, and liquid products onto the skin without trapping or absorption of the product. It does not soak up excessive amounts of products like other makeup brushes.


  • Includes all of the essential brushes
  • Perfect for the everyday use
  • Designed for ease of application
  • It can be used for BB cream, powder, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, and etc.
  • Premium brushes help to make charming makeup each day.
  • wooden handle ensured for long time use and is easy to hold.
  • The soft nylon fiber creates a natural makeup look that makes up uniformly.
  • Perfect for both daily use and professional use.
  • An ideal gift for your girlfriend or ladies who usually make up.