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Outdoor Cotton Canvas Bell Tent for Family Travel Party and Hunting Camping Yurt Tent

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  • High-Quality Mesh Heavy duty 285g/sqm cotton canvas with 3000mm PU coating, color of beige. (Breathable and durable cotton canvas 285g/sqm, with reinforced double stitched seams),(60cm /80cm walls can be unzipped and rolled up for airflow)
  • Good Ventilation There are four ventilation holes on the side wall of the tent. For the 3m and 4m bell-shaped tents, there are four semi-circular windows. For tents of 5 meters and 6 meters, it has four rectangular windows. All doors and windows use high-density grids.

  • Removable Floor Mats Floor mats are thick and durable, and can be completely separated with a zipper, allowing you to roll up the sides and enjoy fresh air and breeze.

  • Large Space The space can accommodate 4 people, 6 people, 10 people, etc. Different sizes can accommodate multiple size air beds.The tent can also be used as an awning; it is very suitable for family gatherings, festivals, weddings, camping, and any time out of the sun on a hot summer day

  • Easy To Set Up The tent is propped up by the center pole of 38mm diameter and 1.5cm thickness galvanized steel pipe. It is made of 6mm diameter cotton high-strength draw rope, equipped with iron slider wind rope to adjust the tightness of the tent, 25cm long iron wind rope ground nail To fix the wind rope, and 20cm-long reinforced floor nails to fix the floor mat.bell tent is very easy to install. two people are ready within15-20 minutes..Note: In rain or snow, please put a rain cap on the metal nail of the door pole to cover the hole in the fabric to avoid water leakage. When the canvas has just been soaked, the canvas may leak, and then shrink slightly, which will not happen again. In rainy or snowy weather, please clean up the water and snow in time to protect the tent