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3 Speed Fast Cooling Evaporative Air Cooler

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  • [STRONG & GENTLE WIND] Our portable air conditioners fan offers 3 adjustable fan speeds, providing strong airflow to quickly dissipate body heat. The airflow direction can be adjusted up to 60°, effectively cooling you from multiple angles.
  • [LOW NOISE & TIMER SETTINGS] Cooling fan makes low noise when working, even lower than normal conversation, making it ideal for use in offices and bedrooms. Portable fan is equipped with timer settings, 2/ 4/ 6 hours working time can be set according to your need.
  • [UPGRADE NANO-MIST TECHNOLOGY] Using ultrasonic waves to shake water molecules into extremely fine mist. The cold wind carries the mist, moisturizing your skin like a humidifier. The fine mist evaporates quickly upon contact with the skin, cooling down without getting your clothes wet.
  • [COLORFUL LIGHTING] The cooling fan is equipped with a LED lighting design, especially useful in dimly lit environments. The colorful changing lights not only adorn your room but also serve as a comforting night light accompanying your peaceful sleep.
  • [LARGE WATER TANK] The water tank on the top has a capacity of up to 20.3 ounces, you can easily add water unlocks the mist function by simply opening the lid, which is user-friendly. It will automatically stop the mist mode when the water runs out.