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Reflective Snap Bands

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  • Heavy hoses and knotted cable are awkward and hard to handle, or things and even clothes that are lying around leave you a messy life.
  • Introducing Reflective Snap Bands, an easy-to-use strap that allows you to hold almost anything together with only one hand. The strap is meant to replace knots, ropes, and zip ties. 

      Main Features

      • Automatic Quick Lock
        To use it, you simply secure the strap around whatever it is you want to hold together by attaching the hook to the loop and the strap will instantly lock and secure the load. Drop it with one hand and make tough jobs easier.
      • Quick Release
        Reflective Snap Bands are meant to be reusable. You simply snap it together when you needed, and pull the tab to release. It is designed to hold up to 100 pounds and features an easy-off tab that releases the strap in an instant.
      • Reflective Strap
        Exercising at Night Being Invisible for Drivers? Put on these lightweight reflective bands, get rid of your worries, and improve the safety factor! It's a good safe solution for jogging, cycling, hiking, or other outdoor activity.
      • Wide Application
        You can use it bundling extension cords or hoses out in the garage. Organizing and sorting different clothing in your closet. Decorating your banisters during the holidays. Strapping tools and material together during yard work or holding your bags together after shopping.
      • Multi-Purpose, Ensure Your Safe
        Wraps around your pant legs at the ankles so your pants don't get caught in the chain. Also, 360-degree Reflective Arm Bands provide the highest visibility for running, cycling, walking, and hiking during all weather conditions, day or night.


      Material Silicon Steel Sheet
      Product Weight
      • 130G
      Product Size 40 × 3CM
      Package Contents
      • 5 × Reflective Snap Band


      • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
      • Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color displayed on the picture.