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Snap Shut Garbage Bag Holder

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Keep your sink clean | Prevent peculiar smell and flies | Widely used

Snap shut garbage bag holder made of flexible PP material and one-touch opening and closing design can ​help you to avoid peculiar smell, fly. Keep the inside of the sink clean. 

  That's so cool. The sink is refreshing, and the sliminess is reduced! You can use a translucent plastic bag that you can get at the supermarket.

- Theresa


【Space Saving】

Simply hook the plastic bag to turn into a trash can. It does not get in the way even in a narrow sink. The sink can be used widely. You can also place it on your vanity or toilet, and easily discard your tissue, cotton swabs, etc. Especially recommended for women.

  • Comes with 3 strong suction cups for a strong suction cup that is hard to fall off, and can be used for a long time.

【Eco-friendly & Easy to Use】

This holder is made of eco-friendly PP material that is extremely flexible, so it can be closed securely and smoothly opened and closed with a knob. 

【Odor and Fly Prevention】

The opening of the food trash bag can be closed tightly to prevent odors from leaking and keep your kitchen clean. It can keep out other pests while preventing the occurrence of flies.

【Easy to Install】

This sink holder is a suction cup type, so it is very easy to use for anyone. This product is suitable for rounded corners, and the rounded corners make it easy to fit the sink. If the suction cup in the middle is not delivered to your wall, you will receive it with the auxiliary parts. But please note that it will not work with right angle sink.



Material: PP+ABS+PVC
Color: Pink, Gray
Package Weight: 132 g 
Package Size: 20 * 20 * 7 cm
Package Includes: Snap Shut Garbage Bag Holder x 1


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