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SHARPFEEL™ Titanium Coated Pagoda Shape Step Drill Bit

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The Handiest Tool For Easy Drilling Work!

We always hope to drill clean and precise round holes on work, that’s why you need the Titanium Coated Pagoda Shape Step Drill Bit! It features a unique pagoda-shaped bit that can open a variety of specifications of aperture. 

These drill bits are made of high-quality steel with a premium coating to reduce heat and friction. It’s easy to use, lightweight and works with all electric drills easily. It can easily cut through a variety of materials, making it a super handy drilling tool. 


  • Superior performance - Complete drill set for chamfering, hole enlargement in all drilling works. No need to use a center punch. 
  • Unique drill structure - Better than ordinary twist drill, pagoda shaped comes with a high-speed and precision. Creates clean and perfect round holes.
  • Durable - Made of high-quality HSS steel with titanium coating to reduce friction and heat. Ensures toughness, good wear resistance, and long service life. 
    • Compatibility function - Works with most electric drills.
    • Lightweight - Small-sized tools that can be stored in your toolbox conveniently. 
    • Wide application - Excellent for drilling holes on steel, brass, wood, plastic, and more. 


    • Material: High-speed steel
    • Color: Cobalt
    • Size: As shown

    Product Includes

    • 1 x Titanium Coated Pagoda Shape Step Drill Bit