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SHARPFEEL™ Wood High Speed Boring Bits

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The Ultimate Tool for Fastest Wood Drilling!

For fast and smooth wood drilling, you need to have the right tools. So, this Wood High Speed Boring Bits is the perfect addition to your toolkit! It comes with full screw tips for ease of use and pull through. The cutting spurs deliver clean holes with less 'break out' on cuts.

These drill bits consist of a head, drill body, and hexagonal shanks. Considerate design, smooth brisk drilling, high speed efficiency, and provides smooth chip evacuation. Easy to use and durable for long-lasting use in all your woodwork projects.


  • Thick thread blades - Specially designed for high hardness and fast cutting. Excellent machining performance.
  • Sharp edges - Allows precision drilling that delivers smooth holes without any burrs.
  • Bit positioning - Offers better positioning and drilling without misalignment.
  • Metal connecting rod - Constructed through vacuum treatment for heat resistance.
  • Durable materials - Made with high-quality industrial-grade alloy blades, for corrosion and wear resistance and long-lasting use.
  • Wide application - Suitable for drilling holes in wood, thin alloy, and thin sheet metal.


  • Shank Type: Hex handle
  • Thread length: 70mm
  • Rod length: 95mm
  • Overall length: 165mm
  • Blade size: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm & 32mm

Product Includes:

  • Boring Bit x 1